Saturday, June 27, 2009

Birthday List

Now this wishlist is not going to be extraordinary things but definately some will be idealistic for me to obtain on or before my birthday

new hairdryer
I dont know if this one in particular but one that will last. I used to have the HK one actually I had two of em and well they dont last long even though I heart for HK (hello kitty, in case you didnt know i wasnt obsessed with her)

The next one would be a nail dryer that works. I just pulled this image off but there is one at my local Sanrio store.

I dont know which style yet BUT i always end up asking for the same cut all the time. I might change it since I am turning 22.. maybe a new change is in order.
I absolutely love her style and cut ALTHOUGH I NEVER DYED MY HAIR.. haha yeah I have virgin hair. So I would admit I would be petrified if I were to really consider this look. Haha

The third item I wish for is tint for my windows I know that was totally non girly like but I really need some TINT on those Im not talking about LIMO tint or anything but a subtle one.

As of right now thats all I can think of
OF COURSE any items from forever , MAC, or Sephora but as of right now I am pretty content.

My tires on my car really needed new ones so my bf got me that which those are pretty damn expensive and took care of my oil change. If there is one thing about me I really do care for my CAR since its my only one. haha.

But yeah I am totally stoked for this coming month
the 9th is my actual bday
But my plans go as follows

Wednesday 8th
BAC co workers CELEBERATE my bday dinner

Thursday 9th (my actual birthday)
DISNEYLAND! already printed out my free admission too ;]]

Friday 10th
Going clubbing and barhopping hitting the first club called "Cinespace"
WHICH my friend David is trying to hit up people for the limo eeek thats so cool if people want to do that!

Satuday 11th
UFC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and Shawns birthday pty

Sunday 12th
Possibly going to Dodgers vs Angels (I think)
BUT YEAH thats my plan so far for my birthday!!

Anyways Im sure I bored you enough I will stop
Have a good night!

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