Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Clairsonic "the cheap version"

Now I can totally be wrong with this idea or so but I dont know too much about Clarisonic and Im sure buying the real thing would be great. Considering I am college student... not so much for my budget. Basically, my idea of cleansing with a brush includes Sephora's brush for $5 and my newly fave Aveeno Clear Complexion Cream Cleanser. It works great! I believe the only difference in this method is that your actually scrubbing your face yourself (obviously) vs the electronic way. I think this might be a great alternative to still get deep clean results at the fraction of the cost.
Tell me what you guys think
love Julie

NYE outfit.. ;] taken from my new camera.. looks good

Shoes- Payless! I know right?
Purse- F21
Dress- Target Clearance its cute still
Watch- Target <3
bangles- F21
Lashes- f21

So my outfit was fairly cheap and Im going to glam my face up too so Ill show that when the night comes ;]

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Back into action [Skin post]

So as I said in my last post; here is something I bought at VS yesterday since it was the start of their semi annual sale. ;] I did buy undies but I rather not take pictures of it I just got my 5 for 25 deal. lol ;p Anyways, the product I am raving about here is this lotion. It was 75% off and I got both the biggest bottle and handcream. First of all the scent is so subtle yet fresh. It is mix of natural oat and maybe a hint of vanilla. I love it! And its so cheap. Im actually rather picky on lotions considering I usually only buy Aveeno for my body and Clinqinue for my face. It doesnt bother my sinuses which has been bothersome for me lately. I dont know why. But I suggest you guys buy it asap.

Also I wanted to rave about my other skin purchase as stated that I only use Clinique for my face. I went to buy my HG moisturizer yesterday since I ran out of it and [this is buying 2 bottles at Christmas time last year and I just finished the second one. It lasts a long time!! ;]] and well I decided to try something else from Clinqiue and it was the moisture surge. I heard a lot of ladies on youtube saying this is better than the lotion so I decided to give it a try.
Sorry my pictures are pretty much crap quality. I forgot to take it as HD on my webcam. Anyhoo next time. Well I think thats all for this post. Stay tuned loves.


I am back. Insert song Im back by Rihanna LOL
I am so sorry for the long departure. I havent even made youtube videos I dont know if ill get back into that. I think blogging would be much easier for me. The reason why I took a step back from all this beauty blogging was because of school. It was impertative for me to make sure I focus and pass all of my classes this semester because I applied for CSUN for fall of 2010 and they needed to see that I completed this semester...AND guess what?! I DID! I am so happy. I turned in my final transcript 3 days before Christmas so CSUN should receive it sometime after the 4th. Im crossing fingers. I do however have one more class at my junior college in town but ITS ONLY ONE! so yay! Also work was pretty stressful, I dont know if you girlies recall but I work at Bank of America Home Loans and I was trained for a new higher department handling certain issues. It was absolutely stressful because I didn't know what to expect and that happened a little before finals! I was like YIKES! Why now?! But overall, that department has been much better than where I was before. Im really liking it.
Anyways, back to beauty.. I haven't been hauling too much just every now and then. Ill start to do reviews on products I have been using lately. Also tips and techniques and of course FASHION hauls. lol. So anyways, I will go ahead and start preparing for my "first" blog again ;]

Monday, August 3, 2009

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Foundation Showdown


I did two videos one on MUFE and one on MAC

Heres the MUFE one which was uploaded on YT like an hour ago

and heres the MAC Studio Sculpt one uploaded a few weeks ago

My synopsis is that I love the MAC foundation for a more tan look since its NC37 and that has always been my shade but the MUFE feels more like my skin but a bit more lighter and the shade I use is 127. I really love both of the foundations. MAC Studio Scuplt I use on a daily basis for work but for the weekends I use MUFE. Since MUFE is twice more expensive than MAC... I want to preserve as much as I can puhaha. Now when I say that MUFE feels like my skin I mean it is super smooth and full coverage is definitely what it does as well. But I think my heart would have to go to MUFE because that it is so smooth and when it gets hot it doesn't wipe off or seem cakey. So definitely a must buy but save some $ since its quite expensive for me being a college girl haha. So thats pretty much it if you have any further questions about these two foundations let me know ;]
BYE love ya

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Monday, July 20, 2009

My lil juicy jewelry collection

My new bangs

She Bangs, She Bangs
Keep in mind: I have never ever dyed my hair so I took a baby step and just dyed my bangs.

Also the color is Honey Berry by perfect 10 aha

My jewelry haul from 21 ;]

Keys necklace..

cute strawberry one

bows, hearts, oooh soo cute

canary bow and key ; ]

I am really feeling keys right now haha
check out local forever ♥

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Blanca's Mom Wedding

So I went to my BGF's mom's wedding ;]
and here is the tutorial for the look I did for the dress I was wearing

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My 22nd Birthday!

So where to begin?!
My 22nd Birthday was thee blast PLEASE LOOK AT THE VIDEO HAS ALL THE PICTURES!
I started my vacation on wednesday visiting my dad in Ridgecrest I brought him flowers. I miss him so much. I hope he is proud of me. ;]
After that, we went back home and relaxed and waited for our friend Josh to come from AZ.. chilled until Buffalo Wild Wings which my co workers were going to meet up and catch some drinks. After that we went back to the apt and drank some more here and goofed off until bedtime because the next day which is on my bday we went to Disneyland!!! Disney was goober uber fun! I miss it already!
Didnt get home until 9pm and chilled at the apt again because all of was super tired. The next day I didnt do much in the day because I was preparing myself for Cabana Club in Hollywood that night. Check their website and its really nice club. pricey of course on the drinks. BUT THAT WAS REALLY REALLY fun!!![refer to pictures to see what im talking about] Dont remember much that night x] but we didnt get home until 5am! OOOOooh so yeah didnt get up until 12 pm and off we had to go to a lil Shawn's birthday party at 2pm ... so being slight hungover and tired it was definitely a challenge haha. but overall worth it! After Shawns birthday it was time to prepare for the big UFC 100 FIGHT at our apt. i love UFC!! Ooooh.!!!!!!!!!!!! gsp, hendo, and lesnar. I DEFINITELY CALLED IT! hahah. had fun that night pretty much the best UFC fight ever! Sunday was the official recovering day..;]
anyways. I will go ahead and let you watch the video since your dying to see it x] haha

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Lil girls' shopping for the upcoming events haha

Jesse's Girls Cosmetics Baked Powder Eye Shadow

this is my bf's arm doing swatches! haha


More detailed information on my youtube. go to the left under "my youtube videos"

Sunday, July 5, 2009

July 4th Look


Monday, June 29, 2009

Lil Sumo Haul from MAC


Plushlash is my fave
Babysparks Dazzleglass

Too Dolly Palette


Sunday, June 28, 2009

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Birthday List

Now this wishlist is not going to be extraordinary things but definately some will be idealistic for me to obtain on or before my birthday

new hairdryer
I dont know if this one in particular but one that will last. I used to have the HK one actually I had two of em and well they dont last long even though I heart for HK (hello kitty, in case you didnt know i wasnt obsessed with her)

The next one would be a nail dryer that works. I just pulled this image off but there is one at my local Sanrio store.

I dont know which style yet BUT i always end up asking for the same cut all the time. I might change it since I am turning 22.. maybe a new change is in order.
I absolutely love her style and cut ALTHOUGH I NEVER DYED MY HAIR.. haha yeah I have virgin hair. So I would admit I would be petrified if I were to really consider this look. Haha

The third item I wish for is tint for my windows I know that was totally non girly like but I really need some TINT on those Im not talking about LIMO tint or anything but a subtle one.

As of right now thats all I can think of
OF COURSE any items from forever , MAC, or Sephora but as of right now I am pretty content.

My tires on my car really needed new ones so my bf got me that which those are pretty damn expensive and took care of my oil change. If there is one thing about me I really do care for my CAR since its my only one. haha.

But yeah I am totally stoked for this coming month
the 9th is my actual bday
But my plans go as follows

Wednesday 8th
BAC co workers CELEBERATE my bday dinner

Thursday 9th (my actual birthday)
DISNEYLAND! already printed out my free admission too ;]]

Friday 10th
Going clubbing and barhopping hitting the first club called "Cinespace"
WHICH my friend David is trying to hit up people for the limo eeek thats so cool if people want to do that!

Satuday 11th
UFC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and Shawns birthday pty

Sunday 12th
Possibly going to Dodgers vs Angels (I think)
BUT YEAH thats my plan so far for my birthday!!

Anyways Im sure I bored you enough I will stop
Have a good night!

Pictures of my MAC/SEPHORA Haul

I so in love with this Blush from Benefit ... ♥

Free sample from Sephora...

This is acutally from OCC one of their infamous liptars
I love this primer a bit pricey but well worth it

TOOO much love for this MSF

I made a good choice on this concealer I used to use Studio Fix Concealer

Smells delish

Wanting this parfum for thee longest time


(I will definitely do a video comparing this to my good old friend Studio Sculpt)

Thats all folks