Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Clairsonic "the cheap version"

Now I can totally be wrong with this idea or so but I dont know too much about Clarisonic and Im sure buying the real thing would be great. Considering I am college student... not so much for my budget. Basically, my idea of cleansing with a brush includes Sephora's brush for $5 and my newly fave Aveeno Clear Complexion Cream Cleanser. It works great! I believe the only difference in this method is that your actually scrubbing your face yourself (obviously) vs the electronic way. I think this might be a great alternative to still get deep clean results at the fraction of the cost.
Tell me what you guys think
love Julie

NYE outfit.. ;] taken from my new camera.. looks good

Shoes- Payless! I know right?
Purse- F21
Dress- Target Clearance its cute still
Watch- Target <3
bangles- F21
Lashes- f21

So my outfit was fairly cheap and Im going to glam my face up too so Ill show that when the night comes ;]

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Back into action [Skin post]

So as I said in my last post; here is something I bought at VS yesterday since it was the start of their semi annual sale. ;] I did buy undies but I rather not take pictures of it I just got my 5 for 25 deal. lol ;p Anyways, the product I am raving about here is this lotion. It was 75% off and I got both the biggest bottle and handcream. First of all the scent is so subtle yet fresh. It is mix of natural oat and maybe a hint of vanilla. I love it! And its so cheap. Im actually rather picky on lotions considering I usually only buy Aveeno for my body and Clinqinue for my face. It doesnt bother my sinuses which has been bothersome for me lately. I dont know why. But I suggest you guys buy it asap.

Also I wanted to rave about my other skin purchase as stated that I only use Clinique for my face. I went to buy my HG moisturizer yesterday since I ran out of it and [this is buying 2 bottles at Christmas time last year and I just finished the second one. It lasts a long time!! ;]] and well I decided to try something else from Clinqiue and it was the moisture surge. I heard a lot of ladies on youtube saying this is better than the lotion so I decided to give it a try.
Sorry my pictures are pretty much crap quality. I forgot to take it as HD on my webcam. Anyhoo next time. Well I think thats all for this post. Stay tuned loves.


I am back. Insert song Im back by Rihanna LOL
I am so sorry for the long departure. I havent even made youtube videos I dont know if ill get back into that. I think blogging would be much easier for me. The reason why I took a step back from all this beauty blogging was because of school. It was impertative for me to make sure I focus and pass all of my classes this semester because I applied for CSUN for fall of 2010 and they needed to see that I completed this semester...AND guess what?! I DID! I am so happy. I turned in my final transcript 3 days before Christmas so CSUN should receive it sometime after the 4th. Im crossing fingers. I do however have one more class at my junior college in town but ITS ONLY ONE! so yay! Also work was pretty stressful, I dont know if you girlies recall but I work at Bank of America Home Loans and I was trained for a new higher department handling certain issues. It was absolutely stressful because I didn't know what to expect and that happened a little before finals! I was like YIKES! Why now?! But overall, that department has been much better than where I was before. Im really liking it.
Anyways, back to beauty.. I haven't been hauling too much just every now and then. Ill start to do reviews on products I have been using lately. Also tips and techniques and of course FASHION hauls. lol. So anyways, I will go ahead and start preparing for my "first" blog again ;]