Sunday, September 26, 2010

Back to blogging// Face Primer Review Smashbox VS Urban Decay

I know I said that couple months ago but I definitely mean it this time.. (at least for a little while). Anyways, I have a lot of haulage that I have been doing from the past months and I can't wait to review and show you..
So instead of posting a new post for a review I just want to go ahead and start it off fresh.
Today I will show you a review of two primers that I have used and want to show you comparisons.
So as you can see I have used the SmashBox Photofinish Primer and this is actually my 2nd order for this one.. I really really like it.
Lasts a long time
Oil Free
Only need a small amount to apply to face
Smooth surface
Pore minimizer

The container itself I wish it was more of a tube
Pump tends to break over time
Price $$ It runs for $36.00

This primer is fairly new to me but it is winning me over like crazy. It is Urban Decay Complexion Primer Potion Pore Perfector.
Tube like container
Twist off cap for easy distribution of product
Smells great
Cheaper than Smashbox retails for $30

Creme like so its more work to blend in
Need to apply more than Smashbox for full coverage

Both of these products are great but I have to say I love my Smashbox due to its more easier for me to blend in because I am always on the go. I definitely still like and will use Urban Decay when I officially run out of Smashbox but I will most likely go back to Smashbox when Urban Decay runs out. :)

So hope you like my post for this review and keep reading

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