Sunday, July 26, 2009

Foundation Showdown


I did two videos one on MUFE and one on MAC

Heres the MUFE one which was uploaded on YT like an hour ago

and heres the MAC Studio Sculpt one uploaded a few weeks ago

My synopsis is that I love the MAC foundation for a more tan look since its NC37 and that has always been my shade but the MUFE feels more like my skin but a bit more lighter and the shade I use is 127. I really love both of the foundations. MAC Studio Scuplt I use on a daily basis for work but for the weekends I use MUFE. Since MUFE is twice more expensive than MAC... I want to preserve as much as I can puhaha. Now when I say that MUFE feels like my skin I mean it is super smooth and full coverage is definitely what it does as well. But I think my heart would have to go to MUFE because that it is so smooth and when it gets hot it doesn't wipe off or seem cakey. So definitely a must buy but save some $ since its quite expensive for me being a college girl haha. So thats pretty much it if you have any further questions about these two foundations let me know ;]
BYE love ya


  1. I really want to try the MUFE HD! I'm a NC37 in Studio Sculpt as well, I'll take a look at 127. Thank youuu!!!

    Great Blog by the way!

  2. I heard that MAC has the best foundations..what do you think?
    By the way nice blog

  3. MAC does have really good foundations Ive used MAC foundations since like 05' and never been let down but for some reason when MUFE came out its just so much smoother and coverage.. is awesome haha.