Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My 22nd Birthday!

So where to begin?!
My 22nd Birthday was thee blast PLEASE LOOK AT THE VIDEO HAS ALL THE PICTURES!
I started my vacation on wednesday visiting my dad in Ridgecrest I brought him flowers. I miss him so much. I hope he is proud of me. ;]
After that, we went back home and relaxed and waited for our friend Josh to come from AZ.. chilled until Buffalo Wild Wings which my co workers were going to meet up and catch some drinks. After that we went back to the apt and drank some more here and goofed off until bedtime because the next day which is on my bday we went to Disneyland!!! Disney was goober uber fun! I miss it already!
Didnt get home until 9pm and chilled at the apt again because all of was super tired. The next day I didnt do much in the day because I was preparing myself for Cabana Club in Hollywood that night. Check their website and its really nice club. pricey of course on the drinks. BUT THAT WAS REALLY REALLY fun!!![refer to pictures to see what im talking about] Dont remember much that night x] but we didnt get home until 5am! OOOOooh so yeah didnt get up until 12 pm and off we had to go to a lil Shawn's birthday party at 2pm ... so being slight hungover and tired it was definitely a challenge haha. but overall worth it! After Shawns birthday it was time to prepare for the big UFC 100 FIGHT at our apt. i love UFC!! Ooooh.!!!!!!!!!!!! gsp, hendo, and lesnar. I DEFINITELY CALLED IT! hahah. had fun that night pretty much the best UFC fight ever! Sunday was the official recovering day..;]
anyways. I will go ahead and let you watch the video since your dying to see it x] haha

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