Sunday, December 27, 2009

Back into action [Skin post]

So as I said in my last post; here is something I bought at VS yesterday since it was the start of their semi annual sale. ;] I did buy undies but I rather not take pictures of it I just got my 5 for 25 deal. lol ;p Anyways, the product I am raving about here is this lotion. It was 75% off and I got both the biggest bottle and handcream. First of all the scent is so subtle yet fresh. It is mix of natural oat and maybe a hint of vanilla. I love it! And its so cheap. Im actually rather picky on lotions considering I usually only buy Aveeno for my body and Clinqinue for my face. It doesnt bother my sinuses which has been bothersome for me lately. I dont know why. But I suggest you guys buy it asap.

Also I wanted to rave about my other skin purchase as stated that I only use Clinique for my face. I went to buy my HG moisturizer yesterday since I ran out of it and [this is buying 2 bottles at Christmas time last year and I just finished the second one. It lasts a long time!! ;]] and well I decided to try something else from Clinqiue and it was the moisture surge. I heard a lot of ladies on youtube saying this is better than the lotion so I decided to give it a try.
Sorry my pictures are pretty much crap quality. I forgot to take it as HD on my webcam. Anyhoo next time. Well I think thats all for this post. Stay tuned loves.

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